Availability of Research Materials

There are many research materials available online, as I feel like I have identified in other sections of this blog. For example, there are many websites that I can find by simply typing words to do with the topic into a search engine such as Google. I can search for historical filmmakers and how that is in terms of female influence, I can search for the current numbers of women in employment in the media, I can search for a lot of information on info graphics regarding what is out there, and how to make one, and much more. These websites can be accessed by one of many computers I have already identified, or by purchasing one. As well as this, there are books in existence to do with women working in the media, such as Women Directors and their Films by Mary G. Hurd. There are other books out there that can be found either by going to the library and if they don’t have the materials needed requesting they order in the books, or by going to book shops. If neither of these are possible, it is possible to buy the books online. As for the primary research, I needn’t worry about the availability of materials, as I would be designing my own interview questions and questionnaires.

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