Available resources

I believe that I have many helpful resources available to me when working on this research project. For example, in terms of secondary research, there are many websites available informing of the history of film, and if I go deep enough into these websites I am bound to find some information on how women in the film industry have progressed over the years since film began. As well as this, there are certain websites dedicated especially to the subject of female filmmakers, which would likely provide vital information. There are also books available on the topic, which I will likely either purchase or take out from a library. The college has a library with a media section which could provide some information, although if I was to find that this did not provide enough information I could go to one of the libraries near me and request that they order in any books that I need. As well as this, I could buy some books or even ebooks online. Finally, if none of these routes were to be fruitful, which realistically they would, I could even visit the British Library as they are bound to have many resources. In terms of getting online, I would use computers either at home, as I have a macbook and a laptop, or one of the many apple or windows computers available to access in the college. If I could not get onto any of the computers in the college’s new “Mez” space, I would go to their library or a classroom and use one of the computers there. The computers are also useful for creating the info graphic on, as well as contacting anyone I should find online that would be worth interviewing on the topic and typing up questionnaires and interview questions on. Finally, they are essential in using to learn how to create info graphics on, by the use of websites such as Redgiant.com, videocopilot.com, and various YouTube videos instructing on the subject.

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