Available technologies

There will be computers already available to me, due to the fact that I own a computer as well as the fact that there are many computers available to access in the college. However, should this not be the case, I would have to purchase a similar computer to the ones in college, such as an Apple iMac, which would cost between £899.00 and £1,999.00 (Apple Store (UK), 2014) depending on the type of Mac I decided to buy. However, the price would likely be closer to the latter option as the more powerful the iMac the better. On top of this I would also have to purchase After Effects software, which on its own costs a total of £714.19 (eBay, 2014) , although if I were to sign up to the Adobe Creative Cloud service, it would instead be about £27.34 a month, as it is currently on special offer (Creative.adobe.com, 2014). Another available technology is myself, as a researcher and the person who will be creating an info graphic. In the wider industry media companies would need to pay me for these services. As a researcher, the salary would depend on the individual company and amount of research being done for the company; however it is thought that it would roughly be a weekly rate ranging “from £350 for junior researchers to £600 per week for covering senior research roles” (Myjobsearch.com, 2014). On top of this, the work of designing an infographic as a freelancer, would generally mean that I would be paid around £30 per hour (Peopleperhour.com, 2014).

Reference List:

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