I believe that the subject matter that I have chosen is suitable for an info graphic. This is because, while I obviously cannot keep animating different women to represent my chosen topic of the progression of female filmmakers in the industry, I can make my point with other aspects. For example, I am bound to find out interesting statistics while researching the matter, as well as finding out some quotes, either from books, online resources, or interviews that I have done. Mixed with the right animation technique, sound, and text, I believe that it will be appropriately informative, and although it may not even have an obvious conclusion, it could pose a question about equal rights in the industry. The way that the subject is presented will depend on the research I have found, as it may show that there is no longer a problem in the film industry, although in either instance it could present facts that not many people know. If I do manage to contact one of the organizations for women in film, it could also be appropriate for them to put my info graphic on their website, to further promote their cause.

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