Vocational Relevance

I am doing this simply because, as I female filmmaker, I think it will be an interesting topic to research. I recently read somewhere that the first female Oscar winner was in 2010, which seems slightly behind the times. This may be because men simply have happened to have more Oscar-worthy ideas up until that point, or it may have been a clue that there is something worth researching in terms of the opportunities woman have had in the film industry. Another example is the word “cameraman” which is still widely used, and often the non-gender based term “camera operator” can be an afterthought, which seems like a habit passed down from the days where women were unlikely to be operating a camera. I believe that this is relevant to me as someone who is currently studying media and making films, and one day hopes to work in the industry. This is because it is important to discover how equal the opportunities are, and interesting to learn about how the opportunities may have changed over the years. It is also possible that one of the organizations for women in the film industry may put my info graphic on one of their websites to promote their cause, which would be beneficial for me vocationally as it would also help get my work out there.

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