This is the first part of the second assignment, in which I am looking up which libraries would be plausible to access resources relevant to my subject from. When looking on Google at the libraries in Barking and Dagenham, these are the ones that are shown:

 Barking Library

Robert Jeyes Community Library

Robert Jeyes Community Libary, will be a  volunteer staffed service in Chadwell Heath Community Centre.  The Centre will open on 29 September 2014

Valence Library

Valence Library is currently undergoing some redevelopment work.  The library is open as usual, but there may be some disruption while the works are carried out.  (, 2014)
Geographically, the nearest of these libraries to me is the Dagenham Library, located in Heathway, which I know as I have been there before. However, the Valance Library is also near to me, although it is a much smaller library. I will go to the Dagenham Library next week if I can, and see if they have any relevant books on women filmmakers. This seems like it might be unlikely for such a specialist subject, so if they do not have any I could ask how long it takes to order it in.
Another option is to go to the British Library and see what sources are available there. As it has been suggested that we go on a trip there over the coming weeks, this does sound like an equally plausible option. As well as this, I have also searched the British Library’s resources on their website, and have found that 103 results come up when looking for books related to “women filmmakers” (, 2014). With this list of books, I can see if any match up to the identified useful ones I have already looked at online, and decide prior to going what I want to look at.
Reference List:, (2014). Local libraries. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Nov. 2014].

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