Animation Variants with Sound

As previously decided, the sound I am going to use will be music that accompanies the animation of the infographic. However, if I was to approach the project in another way, I could use different music and sound effects to accompany my information. For example, I could do this by adding sound effects when text bounces onto the screen, to give the animation a more light-hearted feel. This is possible to get online, and I have found a sound effect for this called “Jump” (Koenig, 2014).  I could also have approached only one topic for the animation and selected music that only accompanies this aspect. For example, if I were only to animate women who were oppressed by their lack of available roles in film, I would only use darker music and sounds, whereas if I decided to animate solely the history of women I could show this by approaching in the the typical silent film way, and having the animations of women doing slapstick comedy style directing, etc. In this case I would be using typical sounds from the silent era. However, I plan to use a bit of each so as to show the whole picture of the progression of women behind the scenes in film.

Reference List:

Koenig, M. (2014). Bounce Sounds | Free Sound Effects | Bounce Sound Clips | Sound Bites. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Dec. 2014].


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