I have already written about how much this project will cost in the “Available Resources” section. However, I will repeat it here as this is a section for the second brief and that was for the first one.

There will be computers already available to me, due to the fact that I own a computer as well as the fact that there are many computers available to access in the college. However, should this not be the case, I would have to purchase a similar computer to the ones in college, such as an Apple iMac, which would cost between £899.00 and £1,999.00 (Apple Store (UK), 2014) depending on the type of Mac I decided to buy. However, the price would likely be closer to the latter option as the more powerful the iMac the better. On top of this I would also have to purchase After Effects software, which on its own costs a total of £714.19 (eBay, 2014) , although if I were to sign up to the Adobe Creative Cloud service, it would instead be about £27.34 a month, as it is currently on special offer (, 2014). Another available technology is myself, as a researcher and the person who will be creating an info graphic. In the wider industry media companies would need to pay me for these services. As a researcher, the salary would depend on the individual company and amount of research being done for the company; however it is thought that it would roughly be a weekly rate ranging “from £350 for junior researchers to £600 per week for covering senior research roles” (, 2014). On top of this, the work of designing an infographic as a freelancer, would generally mean that I would be paid around £30 per hour (, 2014).

As well as this, the fare to and from King’s Cross St Pancras in order to access The British Library for information on my chosen subject was a total of £6.

Reference List:

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