The topic that I will be making an info graphic on is the progression of female filmmakers in the industry. This is because up until 2010 a female filmmaker hadn’t even won and Oscar, and they were much less recognized in the media industry than men. However, now there are even organizations specifically set up to help women working in the film industry. My method for researching this will first begin with identifying aspects such as available resources and technologies, and a plan of when to undertake the research. After this I will look at the secondary research I can get from the internet and books, as well as undertaking primary research of my own, which could possibly include interviews with people from the organizations that help women working in film, and questionnaires on the general public’s opinions on the matter, and whether it is something that should be reevaluated. As well as this, I will try to include as many statistics as possible on the matter, so as to make it as informative as I can. Finally, I will begin to make the info graphic. This will entail researching other info graphics that have previously been made, and how I can use any of the techniques in my own work. For example, if I see a font that I like, or the way that some of the work has been animated, I will take note of that and see if I can learn how to do something similar.

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